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Palmer Energy Company Inc. is a BBB Accredited Energy Management & Conservation Consultant in Toledo, OH


Growers Energy Solutions (GES)

GES is an energy program run by growers for growers.

GES was started in 2006 in partnership with the Maumee Valley Growers Association (MVGA) and Palmer Energy Company, an unbiased independent energy consultant (not a broker) with expertise in procurement (buying, selling, and transporting) natural gas and electricity and contracting for interstate pipeline capacity and local utility delivery. We have expanded our program and are currently sponsored by the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association (ONLA), Metro Detroit Flower Growers Association (MDFGA) and Michigan Plant Growers Cooperative.

GES is your designated team to take care of your specific energy needs. GES understands that you do not have time to be an energy expert. As a business owner, your focus needs to be on growing your bottom line. This is why you need GES to help manage your electric and natural gas costs. GES directly supports the MVGA, MDFGA, Michigan Plant Growers Cooperative and the ONLA.

GES Natural Gas Program

    Program Overview - Our program helps manage your natural gas costs by bringing local growers together.  GES helps control your natural gas costs by applying its market knowledge and negotiation expertise to reduce your prices and helps you buy your natural gas when the pricing is more advantageous. This strategy provides insurance against dramatic price increase in the natural gas market.  Palmer customizes the program to each utility service area tariffs and regulations to provide maximum savings opportunities. Growers across the State are part of the GES Energy Advisory Board and are actively involved in all decisions for the program

    Service Areas – The GES Gas Program currently provides supply to growers in Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dominion East Ohio, Cincinnati Gas and Electric – Duke Energy and Vectren Energy.  Michigan LDCs include Consumers Energy Company and Michigan Consolidated Gas Company. GES will evaluate participation for growers that meet usage and back-up fuel requirements in Ohio Gas Company, Ohio Valley Gas Company, Citizens Gas Fuel Company, Michigan Gas Utilities Company, and SEMCO.


    Who is eligible for the GES Natural Gas Program?

    All growers in Ohio and Michigan that are able to purchase third party supply for their natural gas are eligible for the program.  We are currently providing our services in Columbia Gas, Consumers, Dominion, Duke, Michcon and Vectren service areas. We can assist consumers in Ohio Gas Company, Ohio Valley Gas Company, Citizens Gas Fuel Company, Michigan Gas Utilities Company, and SEMCO that meet usage guidelines and have back-up capability.

    How do you save in the GES Program?
    The GES Natural Gas Program has a unique savings strategy.  Our pricing structure is different than most plans available through suppliers.  We strive to save you money in two ways – first by negotiating a lower basis rate than charged by the utility and second by implementing a hedging plan that purchases your natural gas at the lowest market rates available. The program has pricing strategies that take advantage of the savings opportunities in each utility. We evaluate each grower’s consumption patterns and usage to see which option best fits that grower’s needs.

    How do I enroll with the GES Natural Gas Program?

    Please send a copy of a recent bill to Palmer Energy Company by email to your Palmer representative or by fax to (419) 539-9185 and we will be happy to assist you.

    What if I am in contract with a supplier?

    As soon your current contract has expired, you can start buying your gas through GES’s program. Don’t wait many contracts require 60 to 90 days’ notice of termination.

GES Electricity Program

    Program Overview – Our electric savings program saves you money on your electric consumption through the application of its pricing expertise.  Working with our extensive client base allows Palmer Energy to negotiate competitive rates in the market.  Current GES clients have secured savings off the current generation /”price to compare” rate for secondary voltage customers.

    Services Areas – The GES Program currently works with growers in AEP Ohio, DP&L Energy, Duke Energy and FirstEnergy Corp service territories. The Michigan market is limited – only growers currently shopping for third party supply are eligible for the program. Palmer will inform Michigan growers of any changes and/or savings opportunities.


What are the benefits of the Electric Savings Program?


      • GES offers a fixed price for the generation component of your electric costs at a competitive rate.

      • Experts in the field of electricity agree that fixing a per kilowatt hour rate is a wise choice for a number of reasons, including:

      • Electricity prices are greatly dependent upon natural gas prices. Natural gas prices are at historical lows and the possibility for them to increase is plausible.

      • Current economic conditions are unlikely to continue long term. As economic activity increases, additional demand for electricity and natural gas will cause prices to follow suit.

What electric utilities can GES work with?

We are able to offer pricing opportunities to First Energy (Toledo Edison, Ohio Edison & Cleveland Illuminating Company, AEP (Columbus Southern Power & Ohio Power), Dayton Power &Light and Duke service territories.

How do I enroll in the program?

Please contact Palmer Energy and they we will be happy to review your electric bill to see if we are able to provide savings to you.

What if I am currently in contract with another supplier?

Once your current agreement expires, you can join the program. You should contact your current supplier and check the terms and conditions of your current agreement. Some supply agreements have early termination fees and no changes should be made before confirming your current agreement terms.

  • Growers’ Organizations Partners
    • Maumee Valley Growers Association (MVGA)
    • Ohio Nursery & Landscapers Association (ONLA)
    • Metro Detroit Flower Growers Association (MDFGA)
    • Michigan Plant Growers Cooperative

  • Program Management Team
    • GES President – Kirkland Mizerek, Palmer Energy, Executive Vice President
    • GES Program Manager – Anne Schenk, Palmer Energy, Director of Consulting
    • GES Natural Gas Advisor – Josh Felix, Palmer Energy, Energy Analyst
    • MVGA Management – Joe Perlaky, MVGA, Director
    • GES Advisory Board – GES Ohio has a dedicated team of growers that work together to make program and hedging decisions to secure competitive gas rates for our members.
  • Paul Barco – Barco & Sons
  • Matt Boyle & Gus Corso – Corso Greenhouse and Flower Garden Center
  •  Jeff Creque – Jeff Creque Farms
  • David Cuthbert – Cuthbert Greenhouses
  • Elmer Grosser – Diefenbacher Greenhouses
  • Mark Hecklinger – Hecklinger Greenhouses
  • Walt Krueger – Lakewood Greenhouse
  • Doug Thorsen – Thorsen’s Greenhouse

  • Testimonials

    • MVGA Member
      • GES Natural Gas program has been a blessing to our company.  It not only gives us competitive pricing but also peace of mind knowing what our gas will cost 6 months out or longer. This certainly helps with budgeting.  I have dealt directly with suppliers but this group is grower oriented.
  • Gus Corso, Corso's Flower & Garden 

      • As a grower who purchased gas on my own for 20 years. I feel that Growers Energy Solutions Program has allowed our growers to participate in the purchasing decisions based on the expert advice of Palmer Energy and our growers’ advisory board who make the purchasing decisions. I am finally feeling that with over 100 growers in our group we are gaining control over our energy costs and taking advantage of volume discounts.
  • Walt Krueger, Lakewood Greenhouse

    • MDFGA Member
      • “On the Michigan Gas program through MDFGA, I have saved about $1.50 per MCF and am comfortable because I know where my gas price is going to be for the next six months to a year"
  • Mike Schenk, Fitkins Greenhouse - Eason Horticultural Resources

    • Michigan Plant Growers Cooperative Member
      • “After just one year, I have seen substantial savings on our heating cost. It is assuring to know that GES Natural Gas Program is looking out for what is best for controlling our natural gas requirements.”
Kevin Sall, Sonnyside Gardens


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