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Palmer Energy Company Inc. is a BBB Accredited Energy Management & Conservation Consultant in Toledo, OH


Electricity Solutions


Initial Evaluation

  • Assess needs of organization
  • Perform electric rate analysis, contract review, budget analysis
  • Analyze demand ¬†and consumption data
  • Forecast future demand and consumption patterns
  • Evaluate additional cost saving opportunities

Palmer Energy Company Electric Procurement Program

  • Analyze current regulatory conditions
  • Educate customer on future electric industry trends and direction
  • Identify customer price risk relative to current and future direction
  • Evaluate customer load profile
  • Request rate proposals with various terms from multiple suppliers
  • Assess offers and prepare recommendation considering supplier, rate and term options
  • Assist with contract review and execution
  • Provide updates on potential regulatory changes and impact

Additional Cost Savings Measures

  • Operational load shifting
  • Peak shaving analysis with demand reduction and program implementation
  • Interval and time-of-day metering programs
  • Split metering or combined metering to reduce costs
  • Voltage upgrade benefits and costs
  • Market price power supply
  • Demand response opportunities

Electric Invoice Analysis and Reconciliation

  • Analyze and reconcile all utility and power bills for accuracy, errors, and omissions

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